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Trance Meditation

Mastered by Steve Roach, this re-release of the much sought after 2006 original version contains new material and a re-worked arrangement with the help of Steve through an intense, 3 day one on one master class, with this project as the main focus.

Searing and Soaring, this deep zone, space music meditation is meant to transport the inner soul and mind to other dimensions with limitless bounds.

There are no rhythms on this disk, only spaces. Spaces that can take you into the deep zone. Are you ready to be Trance-ported?

"Traces of an abrasive edginess lurk within the sounds utilized on this album. Pound is to be applauded for his crafty application of these harsh sounds to achieve a mood that remains ethereal, albeit eerie."
by Matt Howarth for "Sonic Curiosity" Oct, 2008

DAN POUND: Trance Meditation

1 Trance Meditation One (edit)  
2 Trance Meditation Two (edit)  
3 Trance Meditation Three (remix-edit)  
4 Trance Meditation Four (edit)  
5 Trance Meditation Five (edit)  
6 Trance Meditation Six (edit)  
7 Trance Meditation Seven (edit)