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Here at Pound Sounds, we're super excited about the new album release of "Shadows Of The Heart".
Sonic Immersion says: "The most fluid, caressing and introspective release from Pounds catalog to date."
That sums up this album pretty well.
This is available through this site and is sold at our sister site: www.danpoundmusic.com
Formats include CD in a beautiful digi-pak. (First time in digi-pac) and MP3 @ 320 kbps.
For those that require a different resolution or download format, it's also available at band camp.com in all other download types. As well, this will be available soon (a few weeks) on regular download platforms, like I-Tunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and other related sites.
This is a very serene and dreamy album. Perfect for night time, deep zone, meditation and self exploration and introspection.
New album, "Shadows Of The Heart" coming in April. Sample tracks now.
We're really excited here at Dan Pound dot com for the release of the new album, "Shadows Of The Heart", coming out in April. You can listen to samples now on this site, and our sister site/store; danpoundmusic.com

(On this album...)

This album may have well been called "Night Music" or "Dream Time" or something else along those lines, for this is a space music album that will prevent you from being able to keep your eyes open.

Filled with sublime textural washes, ethereal pads and chord progressions, and interweaving percolations of sequential synths, this is the most dreamy and serene music from Pounds catalog to date.

Repeating chord progression motifs are shadowed throughout the album on each track, giving the entire set a continuous cohesion, but with each track still having it's own space and a different story to tell.

All instrumentation is both acoustic and electric, and all is of the "Hands On" type. (No soft synths).

Listening to this album has been known to cause the following conditions/symptoms:

Blissful serenity
Tranquility & relaxation
A sudden burst of love and tenderness
Sadness & melancholy
Altered states of consciousness
Feeling of weightlessness
A sense of beauty and wonder
Deep meditation and sleep

Listen At Your Own Risk!!!

Change Of Weather now available
Actually this news posting is a little late, but still want to announce the release of "Change Of Weather". This is Dan's 17'th album released through his self publishing label, Pound Sounds.
This is available in both CD and digital formats.

Where can you listen to samples and buy...
Start from this website under the albums link.
You'll be taken to Dan's store at www.danpoundmusic.com
and for all digital the usual'
I-Tunes, Rhapsody, Bandcamp, and the other well know usual digital download sites.
Dan Pound LIVE at The Fog Music Festival in San Francisco
San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015
Wednesday, January 28 @ 7:30 PM - Saturday, January 31 @ 7:30 PM Second Act, 1727 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA

Four Nights of Live Music and Video Inspired by FOG

Aural Films records, the label that publishes soundtracks for movies that do not exist. Is proud to present the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015. A four day event that brings together more than 20 different artists to present their sound and light interpretations of the weather event known as Fog.

The events taking place January 28th through 31st at the Second Act in San Francisco, California. Will feature a diverse selection of artists working in a wide spectrum of styles. From the avant-garde, to popular, to the spiritual. Some of the Nation's most innovative artists will perform Fog inspired works on acoustic, electronic and invented instrumentation.

The Festival will also feature modern visual arts projections as part of the show. Each performance will be accompanied by live video and visual media created by video artists Ann O'Rourke and Bill Thibault for the evening programs.

Featured performers for the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015 include:
Ann O'Rourke
Big City Orchestra
Bill Thibault
Carolyn Fok
Charles Shriner
Chris Chafe, Sebastian Chafe, Aurélie Menetrieux
Dan Pound
Doug Lynner
Dohee Lee (이도히), Ed Schocker, Adria Otte
Jack Hertz
Kris T Force
Mukaiji-kai (霧海箎会) - Nancy Beckman, Tom Bickley, Nan Busse, Joe Lasqo, Suki O'Kane, Bill Thibault
R Duck Show
rizorkestra, Bryan Day, Jack Hertz
RTD3 - Tom Nunn, Doug Carroll, Ron Heglin
Thomas Dimuzio

Fog Music Project

The Fog Music Festival is presented by Aural Films records as part of the Fog Music Series that is documenting 24 hours of Fog Music by artists from around the world. A new Artist's Fog Music is released in the series every week for $1 or more to support the Festival and Artists.

Aural Films

Aural Films is an online record label (netlabel) that releases high-quality soundtrack albums for movies that do not exist. We cover a wide range of music styles ranging from ambient to experimental to popular to soundtrack musics. Often on the same albums. You can find our complete catalog of releases online at auralfilms.com

Event Details

The latest information about the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015 events, artists, and more can be found on the official event page located at http://auralfilms.com/san-francisco-fog-music-festival-2015

Dates & Times:
Wednesday January 28th - 7:30PM - 11:00PM
Thursday January 29th - 7:30PM - 11:00PM
Friday January 30th - 7:30PM - 11:00PM
Saturday January 31st - 7:30PM - 11:00PM
Second Act
1727 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA
$5-10 Sliding Scale
All Welcome

Dan Pound Music Update Nov, 2014
Lots going on at Dan Pound Music and the Pound Sounds studio so I'll get right to it.

First off is the announcement of a new long form track of mine, "Through The Fog", that has been released by the net label, 'Aural Films (soundtracks for films that don't exist)', as part of their Fog Music series. This is a series of 24 hours of music inspired by the weather condition known as fog, including tracks from artists from all over the world, of which I am a part. All tracks, including this one are available as a free download, (although any donations or even "likes" given are extremely appreciated and highly encouraged.)


On top of that, I have been asked to perform a live set at the Fog Music Festival coming to San Francisco the end of January. The festival will be held at "The Second Act" on Haight street, and the dates are Jan 27'th-31'st. I've been told I will be playing the 28'th. The time is not yet set, but more details will be available shortly. I already have my live rig set up in the middle of the studio, and have been rehearsing the set as it will be presented at the festival. The genres of artists include ambient, drone, experimental, and 'noise'. My set will definitely fall into the Ambient category, and should prove to be pretty dynamic.


Alongside of all that, I have a new ambient/experimental space music album that's in the finishing stages called "Change Of Weather", with a release date of early February. Both the track "Fog Music 22 (Through The Fog)" and the live set of music, (both mentioned above), will be the core music of this album. More details on this in the next news letter.

And as a final note;
For those of you who still collect CD's, (like I do), I have put ALL of my CD's on sale for the holidays. Every CD is on sale for 30% off. Some titles are as low as 6 or 7 bucks!
(does not apply to "Heart Sounds" compilation collections)
Great for gift giving, or completing your Dan Pound discography collection.

Until next time...
Happy holidays from Pound Sounds!
New album, "Life Giving" now available
I am happy to announce the release of my new album, "Life Giving". Now available

Available in CD & MP3 formats.

If you're looking for a different format, i.e. wav, FLAC etc' I have it available on Bandcamp as well.
Soon to be on sites like I-Tunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and the like.

If you would like to get a taste first for this album, I have an Album Sampler track on Soundcloud.

More news soon, including talk of a live show in San Francisco this January. Stay Tuned!
'Life Giving' coming soon!
A brand new album is already complete and the master has left the studio for the replicating plant.
After the long process that the last albums' mixing and mastering took, I was glad to be at the creative end of things in the studio again.
This new album, titled "Life Giving" was a breath of fresh air for me personally, and poured out fast. I literally used the recoding process as a meditation, and found that
by breath awareness, and taking in and letting out of slow deep breaths, alongside the music making, I was able to continually find, and end up in "The Zone" that
is the epitome of the creative and deep discovery process. The result is very much a meditation album of new age ambient space music that is sure to enhance
your own personal "Zone". I will be sending out a link to samples soon. Release date is scheduled for Early September.

Thanks for reading, and, you will be 'hearing' from me soon.
New Album, "Eros Thanatos" now available!
All new album, "Eros Thanatos" is now available.
Every track is guitar soundscape based, filled with synth undercurrents.
Available in CD, MP3 and WAV formats. Soon to be released on BandCamp so you can get it in
other formats there. Also soon downloadable through I Tunes, among other digital music sites

Check it out on this site or at our on-line store
Dan is the featured artist on Galactic Travels for the month of August

I am honored to be the featured artist this month on Galactic Travels. Played every Thursday night at 11:00 o'clock Eastern. They will play a whole album on each show, in it's entirety. This is a good way to check out my music for free if you haven't already done so. Copy and paste the link above into your browser to see the details of this months focus.

All my best, and happy Summer to all.
New sounds brewing at Pound Sounds studio
Since the re-birth of the studio after a long crash and burn of some very important equipment, it is growing and glowing red hot this summer with all new material surfacing. Besides the obvious replacement of the "Important" gear, the addition of new guitar effects has lended a much needed boost of new inspiration for creative output. It's amazing the kind of symphonic layers and atmospheres that can be achieved with the guitar alone. Add to that some warbling and percolating synth tones and Analog synth drones and you get a whole world of sonic immersion. Working title of the new album is "Eros Thanatos", and is based on the freudian theme relating to our dual nature, and the constant ebb and flow of the crossing counterparts containing Beauty, Light and Love on the one hand, and Death, Darkness and Destruction on the other. Stay tuned for this album of dark and dreamy undercurrents of sound, and lush, sonic atmospheres.
Released is scheduled for around late fall or early winter.

Thanks to all of you who help keep the sounds brewing.

Spherical now available
All new music. a year in the making. check it out under the albums tab at the top of this website.
Dan Pound/Pound Sounds Newsletter July 2012

Long hot days here in Wine Country Northern California means longer, later nights in the studio.

It's been a while since I've contacted you to bring you up to date on the musical happenings at Pound Sounds, so, here goes....

First of all, the success of "Cocoon" has been phenomenal. In fact the most successful release to date. Thanks to all of you who had a hand in that. Mainly to those that bought the music, but also for the key players that gave it tremendous airplay, including shows like 'Hearts Of Space' and 'Stars End'. Click here for the link... Cocoon

Next up is the announcement of soon to be released "Return To Other Worlds". Worked on for over two years alongside other projects.
I've been talking about this for a while now. It's a 2 disc set with all older/early material now finally newly mastered. The goal has been (and is) to phase out the early Dan Pound releases, (pre Pound Sounds), bringing certain tracks into the foreground of the new catalog, putting them through the same mastering/sonic enhancement/editing phase, and ultimately letting all the other tracks go.
The newly mastered tracks are different in that some are mere portions/parts of the original track version, and others are whole, complete versions of the same. Even more, a handful are actually merged of two tracks into one. For instance, "Last Generation" and "Dream Cricle" are combined together as they weave and phase into and out of each other. Source tracks are from the following early albums: (albums will become obsolete- no longer available in physical & digital formats).
'Other Worlds', 'Return', 'In A Hummingbird's Dream', 'Horizon', 'Heart's Core', and 'Door Beyond Time'. Release Date: Coming Soon This Summer.

Next up is the announcment of an all new CD project, "Spherical" (working title). This work was started at Easter time this year, and developed fast. Minimal and textural with subtle slow beats on occasion. The story for some of the source material is interesting. While I was working on Return To Other Worlds, there was a period, (and sometimes still is) where the system clocking in the studio was glitching out and running at half speed. The sounds were different of course from how they would sound at normal speed, but they were also fascinating to me. Obscure washes and soundscapes played on and surprised me in their oddity. I knew I could use the sounds for sources or for 'other worldy' textures and even rhythmic parts for the new project, 'Pherical'. Its a very cool effect all around, and the tracks are really taking me to further and further reaches into the canvas of sound shaping alchemy. This project is already in the completion stages. Stay tuned!

And finally, I would like to thank everyone who has made the switch to buying my music directly from my site/store, DanPoundMusic rather than other distributors. CDbaby for instance, takes an average of a whopping 4 bucks from me for every CD sale. When you buy from my store, ALL the moneys goes back into making and putting out more music. Through it all though I want to thank ALL my buyers out there no matter where you purchase it from. You all help keep the sound quest alive.

Stay Tuned!
My best,
Cocoon IS Here!
All new music from Dan Pound, the new album, "COCOON" is in stock and ready for purchase. Check it out at danpound.com & danpoundmusic.com

New CD, COCOON......almost here!
The workings of the latest release by Dan, titled Cocoon are in the final stages. Mere microscopic edits/fades/adjustments are being made in the mastering process as the last stages of this 'life form' are emerging. Final assembly of the design and layout are being administered as well. The release of this CD is on the calendar for either Late December or early January. Another Pure ambient electronic, shamanic new age musical soundscape is coming your way soon.

Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: 1/1/12
This project is now complete and at the replicating plant. DUE OUT IN A FEW WEEKS!

New projects at Pound Sounds
A lot has been happening at the Pound Sounds studio, and it's been a while since I have updated you, so I felt that it's a good time for just that.

So now what's new you ask?
I am very excited about many new projects brewing at Pound Sounds.

First is an announcement of a new series of releases called Heart Sounds.
This is simply a collection of volumes of one hour aural journeys made especially for the healing arts.
Made from various past tracks and material, it's a seamless blend and flow of ambient music, with an all new sound. Many very old tracks were included and remastered just for this project. Each volume will have it's own sub titled theme for a cohesive uniform experience all it's own. This is Dan Pound music made exclusively for the enhancement of sessions of Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Meditation. The first two volumes, "The Deep Expanse" and "The Shaman's Dream" are in their final stages of production. Stay tuned for this first set of releases from this on going project, set for release late Summer.

Next is an official announcement of two more re-mastering releases of old albums.
First is "Return To Other Worlds", a combination of selected tracks from the first two Dan Pound albums, Other Worlds and Return, along with a few tracks from Door Beyond Time.
The second release is a re-master of the album Reflections. This one will be just that. This album in it's entirety. I have always loved this album personally, and feel the need to hear a sonic reconstruction of it with better sound. And I feel it's worthy as material goes for this. Both of these will be released before years end.

Now to announce the all new follow up release to Medusazoa, called "COCOON".
Pure deep zone ambient electronic music soundscapes that first began in February of this year.
Depicting the life stages of a cocoon with it's pupae and Chrysalis developing into a butterfly; it's a musical metaphor for our own spiritual development and the life changes we experience, hoping to find our own release of the self to full crystallization, and to finally develop wings and become a butterfly ourselves, in a spiritual sense. This is a compelling set of music with everything from serene new age to obscurities of the rhythmic electronica type. Stay tuned for an official release date on this. Most likely Late Fall.

That's it for now. Always feel free to contact me for any reason to either suggest a new creation, offer feedback or simply to comment or communicate. My doors are always open.

Best to you,

MEDUSAZOA Now Available!
I am very excited to announce the next project from Pound Sounds, MEDUSAZOA.

This release is available in CD and MP3 format.

Based and built from analog modular synth drones, patches & effects, this is pure underwater dream zone music.
Made to accompany the fluid movements and colorful bio-luminescence of the jellyfish, flowing and drifting with the currents,
the blend of sounds are surprisingly organic in their textures, and mix well with crustacean-like effects and poly-sequential, fractal rhythms & pulses.

This promises to be a very special release. Get your copy now!
New release AURORA is now shipping!
AURORA is now shipping!
Meditation music for the ages. Majestically serene, and mysteriously ethereal.
Perfect for the healing arts, or, for just watching the skies.
This is available in CD and MP3 @ 320kbps formats.

On another note....I am very excited to announce the next project from Pound Sounds, MEDUSAZOA.
Began last July, this is coming into full fruition.
Based and built from analog modular synth drones, patches & effects, this is pure underwater dream zone music.
Made to accompany the fluid movements and colorful bio-luminescence of the jellyfish, flowing and drifting with the currents,
the blend of sounds are surprisingly organic in their textures, and mix well with crustacean-like effects and poly-sequential, fractal rhythms & pulses.
Stay tuned for a release date, (some time this spring), more notes, samples, reviews etc..
This promises to be a very special release.
New release AURORA, due out in a few weeks
Almost a year in the making, AURORA is due out for release on December 21'st.
Private, meditation music perfect for the Winter Solstice.
This project began Christmas Eve of last year. Final mixing and mastering was concluded just last week.
Descriptions, reviews, samples will be posted over the next several weeks.
Stay Tuned!
Dan is Galactic Travels artist focus for NOV 2010:
Galactic Travels, a weekly space music program which plays on WDIY FM and streams it's own podcast, is focusing on Dan Pound for the month of November, 2010. They will be playing whole albums by Dan at midnight on each show for an entire month.
Follow this link for details....


WOLF MOON Now Shipping!
Pound Sounds 9'th release, "Wolf Moon", is now here and shipping.
I thought this would be a good release date as its just in time for the series of Fall moons.
This is highly shamanically infused ambient electronic space music....lots of tribal elements going on.
This album is available in CD and MP3 @ 320kbps formats.

Wolf Moon due for release in a couple of weeks
A primal and often shamanic work, Wolf Moon will be released in early October.
Dark, and searing with emotion, this set of sound design scenes will surely transport you
to an ambient inner zone state. Be prepared to be running with the pack and howling at the Wolf Moon.
Stay tuned!
New release INTERLACE now shipping!
Music to surely transport you on an intergalactic far away journey in your minds eye to another time and place.

This was originally scheduled to be a follow up release on the net label Atmoworks, after their release of my Fourth Way album last year. Instead, I have elected to release it on my own Pound Sounds label. I wanted to go beyond the download platform only method. The Cd cover art looks fantastic and the sound is pretty awesome as well. Stay tuned!

Searing and washing pads/drones with analog sequencer pulses and shamanic elements.

Dan Pound brings forth another eclectic symphonic blend of ambient electronic, shamanic space music.
Interlace takes the listener on a voyage beyond the tangible world of matter and into the inner
depths of ones personal psychic realm, bringing with it a very personal experience for each listener.

Using metaphorical titles based on a t.v. screen, the motions of the lattice-like aural structures breathe, melt and intertwine, revealing the emotions and meditations of the listener in raw three dimensional form, presenting itself on ones own inner minds eye as if on a motion picture screen.

Six moderately long form pieces of mind altering, mind bending, shape shifting, trance inducing soundworlds sure to take you on another other-worldly voyage. That is Interlace.

Taking pre-order requests via e-mail at

New projects in the works, March 2010
1. Two New projects in the works...
"Aurora", & "Wolf Moon".

Both stylistically different, but could be considered companion discs as well.

Pure ambient, penetrating, meditative sound world designs.

Meant for discerning listeners and progressive thinkers,
"Wolf Moon" is an adventure in sonic art, continually developing landscapes seen through the minds eye.

This music depicts the open tundra and a surviving wolf pack, and the intensity of being in a highly alert state as well as being emotionally charged in different levels. In a forever evolving and changing environment, the wolf must also adapt and evolve in order to survive in a world of constant flux and potential chaos. This music is about living on that edge.

This disc should appeal to visual artists of all types, as this music is not only cinematic, but it can enhance visual imagery of the deepest terrain of the imagination to the point where what's imagined becomes a real experience. One can't help but feel like one is running with the pack on the white, open tundra in "Making Tracks". In the short track, "The Hunter", you can feel the chill and primal fear as you 'see' and 'hear' Man, the hunter while watching through the trees, while trying to maintain a completely motionless stance.

Using the usual set of multi-instruments with everything from fat analog synth pulses, Tangerine Dream style sequencer arpeggiations, guitars, and dreamy space pads, to a plethora of Shamanic/Tribal/Ethnic instruments, percussion, and voices, included but not limited to, Didgeridoos, flutes, ocarinas, frame drum, rain stick and shakers, singing bowls, rocks and more.

What's unique about this music, but is sort of a trademark of Dan's, is the mix and blend of electronica, pure space music , and world infusions. Only a handful of pioneering artists like Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, and maybe perhaps Vangelis can this music and this artist be compared to.

Compelling, dark, ominous and mysterious as well as meditative, hypnotic, ethereal and pensive. All words to best describe this album.

You WILL be transported to an unknown natural world of mystery and wonder as you listen to "Wolf Moon".

"Aurora" on the other hand, is the more serene and tranquil of the two upcoming releases. This music is perfect as an accompaniment to the healing arts. Especially yoga, massage, meditation, and even to enhance sleep and dreaming.

Instrumentation is much more sparse and minimal than "Wolf", and the expansive and ethereal quality of the themes run deep into ones psyche. Mostly using programmed synths, a little guitar, some flute, and subtle background vocals, this album is pure space music that is both hypnotic and intoxicating.

"While developing some of the tracks, I would sometimes lie on the studio floor to listen with my eyes closed, and would find that within a mere moment after laying down, I would be drifting in and out of this world and another.
I personally think that there are potent possibilities for deep, personal expansion while being surrounded by these soundworlds."

Stay Tuned.
Release dates T.B.D (Most likely this Spring and/or Summer)

2. Re-issues/re-mixes/re-masters of older, early material.

Like the re-working of “Trance Meditation”, and the release of “Rock Into Sand” (which combined tracks from “Horizon”, “Hearts Core”, & “Hummingbird’s Dream”), both from 2008, there are a couple more up and coming re-issues/re-mixes/re-masters of some whole and parts of older albums that have already been completed, and are awaiting packaging and distribution plans.
The first disk, is a re-working of selected parts from the albums “Return”, “Door Beyond Time”, and the very first release by Dan from 2004, “Other Worlds”. The pieces blend together as if they were made for one album to share. Sometimes, the use of two or more cuts were actually blended together to make one single track.

The second completed disk is the complete album, “Reflections”, which has been completely re-mastered. This is one of Mr. Pounds personal favorite releases from his past catalog.

“I couldn’t help but want to bring back to life this album in it’s entirety with the tracks just re-mastered, so as to hear all the subtleties and nuances that you couldn’t hear in the original release.
It definitely benefited from taming some of the frequencies as well. All of the tracks were otherwise un-altered, and as well, the order of tracks remains as it was. It’s the same album, it just SOUNDS so much better”.
Stay tuned for more news regarding more re-issues.

New release on Atmoworks, "The Fourth Way"
My newest release (and 1'st on the Atmoworks label), "The Fourth Way" is now available on-line. This is an MP3 @ 320kps....very high quality. Album artwork comes with it. Follow the albums link on this website.

New release "The Fourth Way" out soon.
A very special release from Dan, "The Fourth Way", is due out November 27'th through the small but very well known ambient label, AtmoWorks.
This will be a download only option at first, but plans to release it on CD through Dan's Pound Sounds label are in the works.
Stay Tuned.
Dan Pound featured artist on stillstream
Dan Pound Newsletter Sept, 2009

1. 2009 Pound Sounds releases ESOTERICA & LIVING PLANET.....2 for 1 sale
2. Dan Pound is artist of the month on stillstream,com
3. New projects in the works

1. ESOTERICA & LIVING PLANET 2 for 1 special

Attention ambient music lover, because you are a “Special” Dan Pound listener, you are being offered this limited time deal....both 2009 releases, Esoterica & Living Planet on sale. Buy one at $13.00 plus shipping and get the 2nd free. Offer good until September 30'th.
Pound Sounds accepts credit cards through Paypal, checks, and MO’s.
Simply reply to this E-mail with your request and the subject heading of “Pound Sounds 2 for 1".
You can check out these albums via the links below.

http://www.danpound.com/album/0 For Living Planet
http://www.danpound.com/album/1 For Esoterica

2. Dan Pound artist of the month on stillstream.com

Dan is proud and honored to be the featured artist of the month (Sept) on the on-line ambient
radio net station, stillstream.com
This is a great site to discover new music of several ambient artists from around the globe.
The link below.


3. New projects.

Several new projects are brewing and/or being wrapped up. The first couple are another set of re-mastering of older material projects. The first is “Return To Other Worlds”. This features selected tracks from the first two albums, (now unavailable in Cd form), Other Worlds, and Return, along with a few tracks from Door Beyond Time, all re-mastered. The second re-mastering series Cd is the “Reflections” album in it’s entirety, all re-mastered. This is one of Dan’s personal all time favorites, so the whole disc is brought back to life with a very sonic upgraded sound, and no additional tracks included. It is still undecided whether these will be a download “only” albums, or also physical Cd’s. Your input is appreciated.

The “new” music project is a very space induced, searing, soaring and sensual album called “The Fourth Way” (working title). This is a somewhat darker approach to soundscapes for Dan as he explores newer terrain in a mysterious alien world. This music is based on the literary works of Greek and Russian philosophers, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and their work known by the same title. This Musical journey is sure to take you to other dimensions of time and space. Release date is for December of this year.
Stay tuned.


LIVING PLANET now Available
Living Planet is now available and shipping.

You can get your copy through this website or Cdbaby.com

E-mail for special discounts for ordering directly through Dan's label Pound Sounds.

Stay Tuned for more!
Living Planet due out soon
New CD, "Living Planet" due out in a few weeks.
Get your free copy (by request only via E-mail) download of Sampler Mix of album.
March 2009
News letter March 2009

1. New release, ESOTERICA, now available.
2. New re-working and re-mastering of three early albums on one new release,
ROCK INTO SAND, also available.
3. Core music from Dan’s, RED PLAINS used in the documentary, Southern Fried Bigfoot,
airing on The Documentary Channel, April 13'th.
4. In the works, LIVING PLANET, new CD due out in the fall.

1. New release, ESOTERICA, now available.

Pound Sounds and Dan Pound are very happy to announce the release of ESOTERICA

Click this link to view and listen to samples.

Traversing deep and wide into uncharted sonic territory, Dan Pound emerges with a whole new set of tracks that are un-classifiable by genre.

Combining shamanic/ethnic percussion, voice and indigenous instruments with ambient electronic, space soundworlds, there is an expansive journey of discovery ready to be had throughout this whole disc. One is called out to the far reaches of the Nether worlds, and upon listening, one can't help but to heed it's call.

Some moods are serene and tranquil, while others are mysterious, haunting or otherwise moody and atmospheric.
As well there are sonic portraits that beget feelings of triumph, glory, and even ecstasy.

2. New re-working and re-mastering of three early albums on one new release,
ROCK INTO SAND, also available.

Introducing a new album with old material re-worked and re-mastered...
.....Rock Into Sand.

Click this link to view and listen to samples.

This album is a culmination of whole tracks and excerpts from three early albums no longer available in physical form;
"In A Hummingbird's Dream", "Horizon" and "Heart's Core".

These sounds have been re-mixed and mastered by Dan and edited together in a musical mosaic collage that has made this an entirely all New album with all older material. A must have for fans of Mr. Pound.

3. Core music from Dan’s, RED PLAINS used in the documentary, Southern Fried Bigfoot,
airing on The Documentary Channel, April 13'th.

Ever really wondered about the existence of Bigfoot in the South?
Now is your chance to explore this very realistic possibility,
on April 13'th, on The Documentary Channel, carried by DISH Network, at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central. The DVD will also be sold in DOC's online store.

The reason for this plug here is because most of the core music from this picture is from Dan’s Cd, RED PLAINS. This is effectively used in eerie, swampy, atmospheric scenes.

It’s a very well made Doc, sure to make you think of the possibilities of other life forms existing among us in our world.

4. In the works, LIVING PLANET, cd due out in fall.

Long form, continual textural flows combine with techno-induced grooves to produce another living, breathing space CD.

Tracks open, change, transmigrate and transduce into cellular forms to create a new life of substance that becomes available to the touch and senses by only aural means, but still manages to penetrate the inner core and essence that is the most real part of any mortal soul.

Stirring, primal, visceral, ancient, ambient, visual, moving shamanic space music.
In The Works.
Stay Tuned!

New release "Esoterica" due out in a few weeks
This all new music by Dan is Shamanic and spacious. Warping through time on an infinite voyage beyond the stars. A Shaman journeys to outer space in "Esoterica". Due out by the end of March. Stay tuned.
November 2008
Dan Pound Newsletter November 2008

1. New release: "Night Watch"
2. New videos with music from Night Watch
3. Re-release of "Trance Meditation", re-mastered by Steve Roach
4. More news on the phasing out and re-workings of older releases
5. New project in the works: "Esoterica".

1. New release: "Night Watch"

This is pure tribal/shamanic ambient space music.

This is the perfect ambient night time album for late night star gazing and fire stirring

Shamanic, ethnic percussion and instruments meet with space synth atmospheres and
sequential pulses and beats.
This music is meant for dark meditations and deep zone exploration.

Sound worlds for inner transformation.

Instruments include:
Didgeridoo, Native American Lakota Flute, Tibetan singing bowls, frame drums, shakers and
rain sticks and other assorted ethnic percussion, electric guitar, digital and analog
synths, samplers, processing, shamanic vocals and field recordings of crickets, birds,
and other natural ambiences.

Click here to see the CD: http://cdbaby.com/cd/danpound27

2. New videos on YouTube featuring two tracks from "Night Watch"

These feature Dan in his studio creating the sound worlds for this new CD.

Primal Erotic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8FW9lUhPSc
Night Magic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaZw9kF_i2o

3. Re-release of "Trance Meditation" (new version)

Although this was released several weeks ago, I neglected to send a news letter regarding
this project.

Re-worked and with new material, this re-release is the result of my master class
sessions with Steve Roach. He mastered and helped re-arrange the new version.

Still with much of the same zones and overall feel, this new CD transcends anything I
have done so far by the very nature of its recording and sound quality.
I have since begun a whole new journey by taking other older pieces and re-working them
and re-mastering them as well. This I will talk about more in the next topic.

Meanwhile the link for the new version of Trance is:

4. More news on the phasing out and re-workings of older releases.

As stated in the above topic; I am in the on going process of phasing out and re-working
some older releases and material. Most of these projects will be re-mastered as well. Not
everything will be carried on, therefore, some works will never be available again, so if
you're interested, there are still a few copies of most of these CD's still out there.
Otherwise, they will be gone in the not too distant future.

After Trance was re-done, I got right on honing my mastering skills and putting together
a three in one disc. This is the culmination of material from "In A Hummingbird's Dream",
"Horizon", and "Heart's Core".
This new alchemized version is called "Rock Into Sand", (one of the cuts from Horizon,
and seemed appropriate for the title of a sonic alchemy CD).

This is basically done and is going through the final stages of production, and is due
out by years end, possibly even sooner.

5. New project in the works: "Esoterica"

Get ready for some very moody Analog sequencer based and deep zone long form works. There
is some very drifting, floating material as well as some erotically charged sequencer
driven tracks with analog beats and pulses and other spacey, trippy atmospheres. The
dynamic flux works well here and this seems to be calling out to be the bed track-line
for a live show.
By the way, this is being considered for next year as a back-yard concert at "The Shed"

Thanks for listening and STAY TUNED!

Oct, 2008
News September 2008
September 2008

Re-release of Trance Meditation, mastered by Steve Roach with new material.

Ultra sensory, deep zone space music meditation.

Get ready to be Trance-Ported.

Available now through this website, or cdbaby.com