Dan Pound Music
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Searing and washing pads/drones with analog sequencer pulses and shamanic elements.

Dan Pound brings forth another eclectic symphonic blend of ambient electronic, shamanic space music.
Interlace takes the listener on a voyage beyond the tangible world of matter and into the inner
depths of ones personal psychic realm, bringing with it a very personal experience for each listener.

Using metaphorical titles based on a t.v. screen, the motions of the lattice-like aural structures breathe, melt and intertwine, revealing the emotions and meditations of the listener in raw three dimensional form, presenting itself on ones own inner minds eye as if on a motion picture screen.

Six moderately long form pieces of mind altering, mind bending, shape shifting, trance inducing soundworlds sure to take you on another other-worldly voyage. That is Interlace.

1 Fade To Black (edit)  
2 Interlace (edit)  
3 Rare Refraction (part 1)  
4 Point Of The Laser (edit)  
5 Shadow Screen (edit)  
6 Inside The Crystal (part 2)