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Night Watch

Pure tribal/shamanic space music.

Erotically charged analog pulses and rhythms mixed with space soundscapes and indigenous, ethnic
tribal instruments and percussion.

Ethereal meditation music for inner transport and transformation.

This is the perfect night time album, and even includes field recordings of crickets, birds, a running stream and other night time ambiences and environments.

Turn the lights down low, light some candles, and hang outside to watch the stars as you listen to this surreal & sublime, erotic & exotic, mysterious & compelling music.

DAN POUND: Night Watch

1 Initiation (edit)  
2 Gatekeeper's Song (edit)  
3 Crack Between The Worlds (The)  
4 Primal Erotic  
5 Night Magic  
6 By The Stream At Twilight (remix-edit)  
7 Little Smoke (The )  
8 Dreamer & The Dreamed (remix-edit)  
9 Becoming Fluid (edit)  
10 Night Watch (remix-edit)  
11 Taming The Ally  
12 Path With A Heart (edit)