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Shadows Of The Heart

This album may have well been called "Night Music" or "Dream Time" or something else along those lines, for this is a space music album that will prevent you from being able to keep your eyes open.

Filled with sublime textural washes, ethereal pads and chord progressions, and interweaving percolations of sequential synths, this is the most dreamy and serene music from Pounds catalog to date.

Repeating chord progression motifs are shadowed throughout the album on each track, giving the entire set a continuous cohesion, but with each track still having it's own space and a different story to tell.

All instrumentation is both acoustic and electric, and all is of the "Hands On" type. (No soft synths).

1 Shadow Light  
2 Shadows Of The Heart  
3 Night Shade  
4 Moon Cast  
5 Invisible Night  
6 Always There  
7 Never Me Without You