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Return To Other Worlds

Over 2 years in the making along side and between other projects, "Return to other Worlds" is a commemorative retrospective.

Ambient Electronic, Tribal-Ethnic, New Age, Shamanic Space Music from the early Dan Pound Catalog, brought forward to the newer Pound Sounds Catalog, with all new mixes and newly re-mastered. Also could be considered "Door Beyond Time" remaster as every track on that album is here, as well as others from this early period of homemade albums made between 2004 and 2006.

This first 2 disc set from Dan and Pound Sounds has 22 total tracks. 2 Plus hours of Dan Pound music in one package!

There are lots of tribal rhythms on this Cd set, as well as the usual arsenal of analog and digital synths, guitars, shamanic & overtone voice, ethnic percussion, Native American Flutes, Didgeridoo and more.

1 Spirit Caller (Re-master)  
2 Other Worlds (Re-master)  
3 Sorcerer's Chamber (Re-master)  
4 Night Whispers (Re-master)  
5 Last Generation-Dream Circle (Re-master)  
6 Elemental Traces (Re-master)  
7 Colliding Memories (Re-master)  
8 Thunder Voices (Re-master)  
9 Beneath This World (Re-master)  
10 Return (Re-master)  
11 Last Wave (Re-master)  
12 Pure Flow-Shaman's Path (Re-master)  
13 Finding My Way (Re-master)  
14 Horizon's Edge (Re-master)  
15 Door Beyond Time (Re-master)  
16 Way To Ecstasy (Re-master)  
17 Heart Into Soul (Re-master)  
18 Always The Light (remix-edit)  
19 Warmth Inside (Re-master)  
20 Rising Heat (Re-master)  
21 Near The End (Re-master)  
22 Last Waltz (Re-master)  
23 Arrival (Re-master)